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I’m in peony heaven right now

I’m in peony heaven right now and it’s right in my backyard! Thanks to the wonderful couple that lived here before us, we have a bountiful supply of luxurious peonies in creamy white, fuschia and soft pink. They join the Lily of the Valley for a sweet-smelling display visible from my patio.

Peonies remind me of my mom as both possess beauty, grace and fortitude— character traits necessary for survival whether one is a Shirley Temple pink peony or Midwest farmer’s wife.

As a child, I took for granted the lovely peonies, which lined my mother’s vegetable garden and could be freely cut for any occasion. Now, as a florist, forced to buy them from a wholesaler who flies them in from overseas on the off-season, well… let’s just say that I appreciate them in a whole ‘nother way!

Although mom passed away nearly two years ago, her indelible imprint upon me and my sisters is our love of flowers and our love of entertaining. I celebrated her memory this morning, sipping coffee as I marveled at the peonies gracing our kitchen table.

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