Danielle & Hunter

Their wedding day was going to be lovely in any season.

2020 has challenged everyone. Yet, love consistently overcomes whatever is thrown in our path. Danielle and Hunter brought together friends and family on a misty October day for their wedding celebration at her parent’s lake home. No, it wasn’t their first choice of dates. The rain may not have been according to plan. Danielle’s delicate bridal slippers were changed out for rain boots, and a tent provided cover for what otherwise would have been a lakeside ceremony. Yet, the warm joy of love and commitment shown through. Love never gives up.

Photos by Rebecca Sigety Photography

Kim & Spencer

We knew Spencer long before he proposed to Kim.

Yep, that’s right. Spencer was a Free Spirit Floral customer long before he and Kim tied the knot. In fact, Spencer was looking for the perfect holiday centerpiece to give his future mother-in-law. He put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring he was presenting her with the perfect hostess gift. I would like to think it helped pave the way for Kim and Spencer’s walk down the aisle! Kim LOVES flowers and every type of flower. Her wedding bouquet was a combination of rich reds, bright fuschias and lots of green texture. The entire celebration –from the sacred vows to the last dance– was a beautiful affair that even a mother-in-law would love!

Erin & Isaiah


If you listen to Erin tell the story of her initial meeting and working with Isaiah while on a mission trip to Kenya, there is a twinkle in her eye –a spark that has been there ever since that fateful journey. She recalls telling her mom how much she felt at home in Kenya. She smiles when she tells that Isaiah only confessed his true feelings for her when she returned to Virginia as the two were separated by two continents and a seven-hour time difference. But love grew and grew and GREW, resulting in a joyous wedding celebration at Trinity United Methodist Church in Alexandria last October.

Bright bursts of orange Free Spirit roses and purple Beauty Berry greeted guests outside the church and bright sunflowers flanked the altar. Erin chose a bridal bouquet of white calla lilies, Tibet roses, freesia and lisianthus, while Isaiah and his groomsmen donned boutonnieres of fiddle head fern and hypericum berries. Bush ivy wreaths dotted with roses and statice encircled lanterns for the reception tables.

Most of the time, Free Spirit Floral plays a very small role in just one day of a couple’s young life together; a snap shot. But, what is most joyful:  having a front row seat to their love, watching them grow as a couple each week as fellow members of Trinity UMC. Yes, home is where the heart is.

Photos by Sarah E. Fortney Photography

Amanda & Gus

It was a sacred & nostalgic celebration when Amanda walked down the aisle with her folks at her side.

Years earlier, Amanda’s parents were married at First Congregational Church at Metro Center, Washington, DC. The historic building that served as the blessed sanctuary for her parents’ wedding had long been replaced with modern architecture, but the love and commitment was still the same. Friends and family made the short walk from the church to The Hamilton restaurant for a beautiful afternoon celebration. Amanda chose bright happy hues, boasting ruby red Cherry O roses, purple lisianthus, and a singular medallion succulent, reflecting her optimistic outlook and lovely personality. Who knows, maybe another generation will one day be adding to the family history at the very same church.

Photos by Emily Clack Photography.

Bill & Philip

Freedom is embodied in many forms.

On a cool October evening, fittingly set in the cottage where President Lincoln penned the Emancipation Proclamation, Philip and Bill exchanged vows, freely affirming their long history of love, respect and support.

Opened to the public in 2008 after extensive renovation, Lincoln Cottage is an ideal venue for intimate gatherings and a historic gem waiting to be discovered by tourists and longtime inside the Beltway residents. In fact, even Prince Charles and Camilla will stroll the hallways as part of their upcoming visit to the nation’s capital. The hospitable staff are anxious to assist with special event reservations and public tours are available seven days a week. Lincoln Cottage is a historic respite, a reminder of our forefather’s fortitude and the perfect backdrop for forming more perfect unions.

Photos by Michele Egan Photography

Amanda and Matthew

Amanda was strictly business.

She conducted our first meeting like a sure-footed, up and coming DC professional ready to take on the world and the planning of her and fiancé Matt’s September wedding. By our second meeting, it was apparent that her country roots kept her well grounded; her boots firmly planted in the Virginia soil. But, it wasn’t until their wedding day that Amanda’s true personality came out. In two words, she epitomizes “country chic” –a refreshing blend of Walton’s homemade charm and Old Hollywood sophistication. Danville may have lost their native daughter, but DC and Matt found an enduring beauty.

Photos by Rebecca Hoyt Photography

Michele & Mike

Flowers were important, but a moon bounce was essential.

Michele had her priorities in order for her and Mike’s big day. She wanted to ensure that everyone had a great time. After all, the best man, Mike’s son, probably had a more youthful connotation of fun than Michele and Mike! So after a dusk-timed ceremony in the ballroom of Bretton Woods in Germantown, Maryland, younger guests headed downstairs to nosh on kid-fun food, play games and take turns in the moon bounce. Upstairs, the adults clicked up their heels in front of the massive stone fireplace. With a lifetime commitment of love and devotion, Michele and Mike had everyone jumping for joy!

Photography by Missy Arroyo

Kathy & Jim

It was like a scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Kathy and Jim sat on the settee in the pastor’s church office eagerly sharing details of their first meeting, Jim’s eventual marriage proposal on Christmas Eve, and their plans for a September wedding. Their effusive banter was fun to watch. It reminded me of the series of couples featured in the movie, relating stories of their courtship and the secrets to a happy marriage. Like Harry and Sally, Kathy and Jim ‘s romance grew out of friendship. Unlike Harry and Sally, it didn’t take long for Kathy and Jim to realize they were meant to be together. In the famous and fitting words of Billy Crystal, “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Who doesn’t like a happy ending and a happy beginning?

Photos by George Payne of Grace and Elegance Photography