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His French accent made me think this was either a very romantic gentleman or a wrong number

Thankfully, he meant to call Free Spirit Floral! His request was simple and classically romantic:  59 long-stem roses for his lady friend who was celebrating her birthday in a few days. I melted. And then this morning, when I delivered the bouquets (yes, there were actually two bouquets; the first vase could only hold 47 of the roses), she melted.  I rang the doorbell while holding the first vase of a dozen roses. She was delighted and grinned ear to ear at his thoughtfulness. I explained that she needed to “clear some real estate” in her living room for the second and much larger floral display. She was shocked, amazed, and clearly incredibly in love. Heck! I was in love too!  But, then again, I fall easily. Earlier this week, I fell for the guy who wanted flowers for his wife in celebration of her promotion at work. Then, there was the husband whose wife was having a hard week and he was planning to make dinner and have fresh flowers waiting for her.

Today I told my husband, the true love of my life,  that I have the best job in the world; it’s a labor of love. Happy Labor Day Weekend to all of you hopeless romantics.