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Niki & Max

The roses smelled much better than our gym class.

And Niki’s beautiful wedding dress was a far cry from sweats and a T-shirt donned for an early morning workout. Yes, despite the many, many years that separated Niki and my lives, we found Jim Scott’s early morning, Energy Club class a common space. But, this wasn’t just any exercise routine. The loyal members had grown to be workout buddies –comrads in their disdain for burpees and Russian-named drills. In the early morning, we lamented soar muscles and pulled ligaments. By late afternoon, we celebrated engagements, marriages, births and promotions.

So there was much delight when Niki announced that she and Max were engaged to be married! With more focus and efficiency than found in our workout routine, we debated flowers for her bridal bouquet while running sprints, and we talked logistical details while lifting weights.

And, finally on a lovely autumn day, Max waited for his stunning bride as she strolled down the aisle. Together, they were a picture of love and svelte sophistication.

Photography by Marie Still Photography